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Hopefully all of the endless nights of planning and days trying not to get caught by your boss at work Pinteresting cute shit are going well. I am so happy you're here to learn more about me on a personal level and as a photographer. I hope that on your wedding day, it feels like I'm there as an old friend documenting all the laughs, the cries, the cheers, and the love. I put so much thought and energy my clients. I'm the best third wheeler you never asked for! 

I am with you all day, all in. I am helping bustle your dress if your bridesmaids aren't around. I am making sure your makeup still looks fly after crying reading that heartfelt letter from your lover. I'm recurling your hair for sunset photos because it's mid July andddd sweat. I am your wedding day human freaking Xanax.

For many people, their first instinct is to see a camera, look at it, and smile. I will tell you this as many times as I need to...don't fucking do that. We still get the formal family photos that we need or planned prior, but I'm here to tell your story of the day and catch moments that make your story completely unique and natural. You can't be you if you're worried about the camera. Don’t worry about which way look or where to put your hands. If I need you to do something, I'll let you know. I got you. A wedding day would still happen, even without the photographer, What naturally unfolds is my inspiration.

On the day of your wedding, you will see me laughing, hold back tears during the first look and dances, and enjoying the day with you so I blend in better to capture those true raw moments. I help keep us on schedule, whether it's photography related or not, to make sure everything is running smoothly on your day. I am very self conscious about making sure the last thing you think about when you remember your wedding day is all the photos you took. You will find me dancing away on the floor with your guests while shooting, hanging out with your parents making sure they are in plenty of photos, and making friends with guests at the tables learning some of your most crazy stories with them. And you a corner in between hoarding cocktail appetizers

I offer different wedding packages, ranging from a small and intimate elopement for 3 hours to a full day wedding and destination weekend. I've traveled to many different states for weddings and internationally which has made me very prepared for the logistics of travel weddings. Of course, every wedding is different. If you're looking for something the packages do not include, just talk to me!

Are you traveling for your wedding? If you are thinking about traveling for an elopement or destination wedding, please inquire sooner than later as travel weddings require me to block off an extra day or two.

My husband Ryan is a wedding DJ (how convenient)! Ryan has always been in charge of the music at parties and he truly wants to make sure you have the best time ever! We give a special gift when you book us both together for your day!! Check out his website, Look Alive Productions

okay fine I'll tell you the gift - it's a custom wedding day vinyl AHHHH!

We make a custom vinyl for you so 2o years from now all the memories can come rushing back.

Have you read my About Me? If not, stop what you're doing and check it out before proceeding. I want you to know what I'm about...for all of our sakes. If you have already read it, I'm glad you're still here, and slam that finger on that mouse button over the "CONNECT" tab and let's get this beautiful friendship started! 



“She is more than a professional. She’s an absolute artist and a gem of a human who truly reads into her couples. she’s finishing decorating my cake, curling my hair and redoing my makeup, and coordinating my exit, all without missing a beat. Her laid back while in control personality and ability to read the room and pickup pieces that are totally out of her job description make her the ONLY photographer I’d trust if I did it all over.”

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