karlee + ryan // detroit winter engagement session

Hello 2020!! 

Just like last year, my goal is to blog more. Obviously I told 2019 to fuck off and didn't listen..so here's to trying, failing, and trying again!

I finally got to meet Karlee and Ryan in person coming into their Detroit engagement session. I always have my couples fill out a questionnaire prior to all of my shoots that gives me all of the goods, bads, and in betweens about them. The parts that stuck out and made me "mom proud" was that Ryan is an assistant baseball coach at MSU (GO GREEN) and Karlee's talent/skill is being a good belcher. Their activities together include 'obscure bar games'.

Planning the engagement session, all Karlee asked for was snow and a cool vintage bar. The plan was to wait for snow and then plan a date, but Michigan being hormonal as it always beautifully is took too long. Due to work conflicts, we had to move up the session and hope for some snowflakes. 

Karl's was a great place for a vintage bar setting. When we walked in, there in the corner stood the cute window spot calling our name. It was really busy in there with barely any empty tables, so the fact that it worked out in that moment was fate.

We enjoyed some drinks and French fries at Karls, and then adventured into the cold. When we arrived at Belle Isle, I made them walk forever into a field (sorry not sorry) and just as they we getting ready to pop that champagne the coldest wind started blowing in followed by the prettiest snow! We started dancing with excitement and kept it up trying to keep our bodies warm. It was the coolest sight being on an island right by the water seeing this all this unfold (and their smiling teeth chattering faces).

I can tell quickly when my couples let me in all the way with my craziness--i mean creativeness. I really think it shows through these photos and the responses I received from them proved it. I can't wait for their wedding in October! 

Q+A's with Ryan and Karlee

How long have you been together? 6.5 years!

How did you meet? Youngstown State University (Go Guins!)

What draws you to each other? Sense of humor, feeling of “home”

Describe your love story in one word? The first word that came to Ryan’s mind is “epic”, so we will go with that.

What do you do together on a Saturday night? Could get blacked out, could stay in and watch movies 

How do you guys spend Sunday mornings? Church & a nice breakfast 

How did Ryan propose? Well well well Ryan got me good, him and all of our friends & family actually got me good!! We were on our way driving to Cleveland while I was thinking the whole time we were going to his brothers graduation party at his parents house (side note: Ryan broke out into a nervous rash on the drive there & convinced me it was just allergies). I walked into the house with a ring box sitting on a table surrounded by a room full of our family & friends from near and far 😭 in literal shock my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him 🥰

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